What is The Journey Pipe® made of?

The Journey Pipe® is made with a non-toxic zinc alloy that is safe to smoke out of and heat resistant. We only suggest using a standard lighter, no torches.

Is it safe to use a torch on my pipe?

No, only use a standard lighter to heat the herb.

Is my pipe covered under warranty?

The Journey Pipe® stands behind the quality of our products, and our company philosophy is all about you. The Journey Pipe® comes with a one (1) year limited warranty against manufacturer’s defects. We are only able to warranty products purchased directly from www.TheJourneyPipe.com. Please contact us at CustomerCare@HeadChoice.com to initiate a warranty claim.

Why are there other brands of Journey Pipes®? Which brand do I choose?

While many have tried to imitate, none come close to the authentic Journey Pipe®. You may see similar pipes advertised on other websites, but authentic Journey Pipes® are ONLY sold at TheJourneyPipe.com online. Pipes found on other sites are low quality knock-offs made with potentially hazardous materials and are not covered by warranties. If you want the real deal that is covered by warranty, only order from TheJourneyPipe.com.

What is the difference between the J2, J3, and J4?

The J1 was the first model introduced to The Journey Pipe® series. With a couple improvements added to the design, we introduced the J2. The J1 is no longer available for purchase as the J2 is a higher quality option, featuring a small bowl and long profile. The J3 introduces a larger bowl and shorter profile to the design. The J4 offers a silicone casing to help with the grip of the pipe and is extremely lightweight!

How do I clean my pipe?

We suggest only using a dab of olive oil and a paper towel to remove the residue from your pipe. Clean after every use to avoid build-up that can tarnish the finish.

My pipe is chipping. Is it defective or unsafe to use?

The color coating will sometimes chip, which is normal after continuous wear and tear, such as exposure to heat from a lighter and/or methods of cleaning and handling the piece (such as rubbing). But don’t worry, the coating is 100% non toxic!